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Fees and Pricing

Generally we will be able to give you the fee for the work required in advance. For simple matters we will charge you on a per document rate, and for more complex certification we will charge you at the hourly rate of the notary dealing with your request.

As well as our notarial fees, we will also charge you for any further services you require including translations, arranging for legalisation and courier services.

The final fee will depend on the services you require, the type of documents concerned, whether the documents are personal or commercial and how many documents need to be notarised.

In addition to our fees, we may also charge you disbursements including legalisation costs where this is requested by you.

We will not incur any additional costs without your specific consent.

Contact Ebury Notaries

Contact Ebury Notaries to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

Phone: 0207 167 8175


Address: 89 Elizabeth Street, London SW1W 9PG

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